Saturday, July 27, 2013

Off To the Conference

Today is the 6th day of our 7 Posts in 7 Days and as you read this I'll be heading to or attending the IHM Conference in Chicagoland.  I'm very excited to finally be able to go as I have missed the last couple of years.  It will be fun to meet up with friends, listen to a great line-up of talks and browse the vendor tables.

Here are some of the talks I'm looking forward to:

 The Catholicism of The Hobbit  by Prof Joseph Pearce

Discipline: The First Essential of Homeschooling by Virginia Seuffert (she is a great speaker!)

Marriage and Married Life in the Spirit of St. Francis de Sales by Canon Matthew Talarico - I've heard great things about Canon Talarico and am so looking forward to this talk!

I'll also be perusing the IEW table as I am finally going to get what I need to do this with my kids.  I think we are going to focus a lot on writing this year, so I'm bound and determined to figure this out.

I've also been hearing a lot of great things about Classically Catholic Memory and I'm hoping that somehow I can look at their stuff.  We'll see what I can find out about that.

More tomorrow, I hope, on how things went.  Have a great Saturday.

God Bless!