Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of Organized Chaos

Welcome to my challenge!  I'm participating in the 31 Days challenge with Myquillin (of "The Nesting Place" fame!).  The challenge is to write a blog post on the same topic for the 31 days of October.

I thought and I thought and decided I would write about how we keep this crazy household of 9 people organized.  I've written a book about how to organize your day, so it only seemed natural for me to write about the nitty-gritty of our day-to-day happenings.

Each day you can check back in and read up on things that we do to help us stay sane:  things that we've tried that have worked great, things that we've done that are a total flop and things I still want to implement.  It won't always be pretty but it will be real (and hopefully a little humorous).

I'll always link back to this post so that if you miss some entries you can find them here, all in one spot (see, isn't that organized? although I'll confess that this isn't my idea, it's just the way they suggest you do it!). 

There are also a ton of other people participating in this, so you can go here to check out other categories and other people.  This is going to be so much fun; as well as a huge challenge!  

So welcome and I hope you enjoy the next 31 days as much as I will!

1.  Well, that's today, and here you are, so there's no link for this one :)
2.  The Central Command Post 
3.  Shoes, Shoes Everywhere
4.  Meals, Meals on My Grid 
5.  Organized Prayers
6.  The Kitchen:  The Heart of the Home 
7.  How Library Books Add Up
8.  Our Personal Library System 
9.  Our Books and Where They Live
10. Conquering the Homeschool Paperwork Beast
11. Highschool Transcripts 
12. Organizing Outside
13. Organized Mail    
14. Personal Paperwork
15. A Mom's Binder  
16. Wanna Party?  In an Organized Way, Of Course!
17. I Love My Lists
18. Sending Cards in a Timely Fashion   
19. Storing Photos 
20. Keeping Your Purse Organized
21. A "Neat" Scarf Solution  
22. Clean Clothing Goes Where?
23. Organizing the Closet Disaster
24. Your Bedroom and Closet  
25. Seasonal Clothing
26. Legos 
27. The Importance of Chore Assignments  
28. What Does God Have to Say? 
29. Can I Learn This? 
30. Wait a Minute, What About School?
31. The Finale 

God Bless!
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