Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How Library Books Add Up

It is inevitable, isn't it?  Tell me it is.  It is inevitable that when you have a lot of children and they each check out a lot of library books and movies you are bound to rack up a lot of fines.  This is especially the case when we end up with books from TWO different libraries.  Oh what a headache.

Here is one case where I really need to implement a much more sound strategy for keeping track of when books and movies are due.  

I have to admit that our local library systems have done a lot to make this much easier.  First of all, when we check out we get a nice little print out with all the books and movies listed and the dates they are due.  Second, a few days before the books are due, I get an email reminder which again lists all the books and movies and the dates they are due.

Unfortunately for me, I rely on the emails more than anything.  Which is fine when I get them, but every once in awhile either that email doesn't come through or I somehow miss it and then we find out that "Charlotte's Web" (the $1.00/day fine movie) was due 8 DAYS AGO.

That's when I kick myself for not staying on top of this.

One day, which really should be today because we were just at the library yesterday and checked out a bunch more movies and books, I will collect all of those cute little slips and paperclip them to the planner that sits on my desk.  This way I will always know when they are due.  Then, I can use the email (you know, the one I'm on the lookout for now because I know when the books are due) to cross check which books go back when.

How does that sound for an organized plan?  

The kids already know to keep all of their books except the one they are reading in the library basket in the family room, so gathering them all up is rarely a problem.  My big thing is just remembering when to gather them.

So here is my resolution.  I will now get up and track down all of those little slips and put them in my planner and in three weeks we'll see if this whole process is a little less painful.

Anyone have any good ideas they'd like to share on how you keep track of these fines books?

God Bless!