Sunday, October 12, 2014

Organizing Outside

It's Sunday and I'm a bit late but today, after a beautiful liturgy at our local Byzantine church, we came home to our annual "clean up the yard day".  I love to have the outside looking as tidy as the inside, so it really starts to get to me about this time of the year when things are starting to die off but aren't quite there.

I was tempted to just toss all of the remaining flowers, but there are still some nice buds on them so I let them be for the time being. We also finally got around to trimming all of the bushes and the cleaning out the gutters.   I also got rid of what was left of our garden plants!!

Leaves are just beginning to fall around here, and we've had two light frosts the past two nights, so I'm sure it won't be long before our yard is covered in leaves and that cleanup will begin.  When the leaves fall in earnest, then it will be time to put away the patio furniture and put the last of the planters in the garage.

Having a neat looking outside to your home is a nice welcome for your visitors; it begins to make them feel at peace as they enter.

Have you started your outside fall cleanup yet?

God Bless!