Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our Books and Where They Live

Books, books and more books.  I don't really think about the amount of books we have in this house until I go to other people's houses (usually not homeschoolers, however) and notice how many books they DON'T have.  It makes me wonder what they think when they come to my house.

All those books just crave organization, don't they?  In a perfect world, I'd have my books organized like a library by very specific categories.  For now, however, they are very loosely arranged in very loose categories.  Besides, it would be one of those never-ending battles to keep all the books in their right spots with all the people around here who take out books.  Not a battle I want to fight.

So, in no particular order, here are our books and how I've got them organized.

These first two pictures are the shelves in our school room.  This photo shows all of the school books I've accumulated (just did a big purge back in August), arranged by subject.  That cute little basket with the blue flower holds all of our phone books and phone lists so that they are handy.

This set of shelves holds a lot of our other educational books, mainly history and science books, as well as manipulatives we've used.  The basket on the floor contains all easy-reader type books.

These are the shelves in our family room.  Can you find the Nancy Drew books?  Many of those I've had since I was a young girl :).  On these shelves reside homesteading/health related books, religious books, books on the saints, A LOT of historical fiction books and all of our picture books.  In the upper left hand corner are all the CDs we've hung on to from our younger days.  I wonder why we still have them?  We don't even have a CD player to play them on!  And with itunes, I mean really, WHY are they still there??

In our back hall we found room for another set of shelves.  Here are more religious books, prayer books, books on prayer, books on family life and raising children and my collection of Catholic fiction books.

In my bedroom I have another small set of shelves that contain books that I want to read and some books that I already have read.  Also there are books on marriage, health and such. 

I didn't go into the girls' room and take pictures of their book shelves.  Mainly because they are hard to find, buried under things in their closet, and because, really, that whole room is a post for another day.  Suffice it to say that there are a lot of books in that room, too.

Yes, we love books.  Or should I more correctly say, we love to BUY books.  It makes me happy to see all these books in our house.  It makes me wonder how other people live without books surrounding them.  Books are like our decorating scheme, you know?  

Are you a book hoarder?  If not, why not?  If so, how do you organize them?

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God Bless!