Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Central Command Post

I thought I'd start the series by telling you about the main thing I use in our household to attempt to keep everyone on the same page:

This is it; the center of our lives, the place where every movement is recorded, hopefully ahead of time, so that we all know where everyone is at and where everyone is supposed to be.

This large calendar is situated in our kitchen.

The doorway on the right goes into the school room and living room.  The doorway you are looking through leads to the back door where most of the cars are parked.  I'm pointing this out because I want to mention that I have not hidden this calendar.  It is not stuck away in some dark crevice in our home.  

Therefore, when someone asks me what is going on on such-and-such a date, or where someone is, it should be easy to get that info.  This system works, but only if the people who occupy this home actually look at it.  I think sometimes we get so used to seeing something that it becomes part of the background and therefore goes unnoticed.  Fortunately I look at it daily so that I can answer the myriad of questions about what is going on.

Each day has a specific spot for specific information.

College school schedules are in the middle-top location.  Any appointments come either above or below them (depending on where there is room and when I've written them in).  Along the bottom you will notice the words "off" and "3-5".  Each working daughter has a spot on that line where they are to write their work hours so that I can know who will be home for meals.

We've been using this type of calendar for about 4 years now and it really has been a sanity saver.  I have another calendar on my desk that has some of the same info, as well as anything that pertains just to me.

How do you keep track of everyone in your family? 

God Bless!

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