Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Expelled, Part II

Okay, so I was in a hurry yesterday and didn't have much time to put my post together, so I thought a quick thing would be to tell you what I thought about the movie "Expelled". As is usual for me, I typed before I thought. I am not one for controversy, but sometimes I put myself in the middle of it by not thinking things through. Oh well. I received a very polite comment from someone yesterday, obviously on the other side of this debate. He said, "Please get the facts about this movie and the lies behind it at http://www.expelledexposed.com/. " I would post his original comment, but it links to his blog which has profanity on it that I will not link to. I did take a few moments to check out this other link. It is chock full of information that sounds very convincing. Like everything you read, you must decide whether or not to believe it. People on both sides of any argument are quite capable of spinning the information to suit their own agenda.

As my husband asked this morning, "What does this have to do with the subject of your blog?" Well, to me, this looks like a great topic for a high school unit study! Think about all of the great learning that could take place here: researching Evolution, Intelligent Design and Creationism and then writing or perhaps giving a speech about the differences, pros and cons. Maybe a motivated student might even create a website about it?? Maybe it could even be a group effort. Anyone interested?

As for me, I am quite okay with the fact that I was created by an all-knowing, all-loving God who loves me so much that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for me.

God Bless!

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  1. Sounds like a great idea! But the downside of creating a blog about such a topic is that it tends to attract all the people who are blindly devoted to their theory of Evolution. Often enough, these people are either Atheists, materialist, or just sinners. Which in so many words means that the reason they do not want to except intelligent design, would be because it points to the fact there is a God, and if that is the case, they will have to eventually give up something in their life. Evolution basically provides the excuse to continue living the way they are, free from the 'bonds and shackles' which recognizing God bestows upon them.

    Having said this, if you are actually going to do a blog or site like this, I'd be glad to lend a helping hand! :D