Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Feet and TV revisited

I would like to take this opportunity to follow up on two comments I received about previous posts. The first comment was on my Happy Feet post. It reads: "Since when have you ever said that? Usually it's 'PUT YOUR SHOES AND SOCKS BACK ON!!!! IT's NOT SUMMER!'" This is courtesy of my eldest daughter. I will admit that she does have a point. Usually I am a very practical mother and these words have been known to come out of my mouth on many occasions. Seeing as how it is still April and the ground has not really had a chance to warm up, we probably shouldn't be running around without our shoes on. HOWEVER, we had a real winter around here this year. No teaser of warm weather in February or March, no weeks on end without snow. This winter was cold and snowy and long. I believe that I must have just gotten so carried away with the bright sunshine, the warm air and the green grass that I lost my usual motherly concern. I actually ran outside and told them to take their shoes off! So, I felt I should explain my moment of fervor lest I loose credibility!

The next comment came from a good friend of mine on my To TV or Not To TV post. She said that she had read the book "I See Far" also and felt that it could be referring to the computer/internet, also. I have to agree with her. While I was typing up the post about the TV I was thinking about the internet. We have recently gone from a family who would basically check our email on a daily basis to a family with two blogs and two websites in progress. Other daughters have caught the blog craze and have their round of blogs that they like to read, too. Needless to say, the computer has become a major focal point in our household. Just like the TV, we have found that the internet can be a time stealer, an opportunity to be uncharitable to others in the household and a cause of frustration which leads to a short temper and crabiness (like when the internet connection won't work!). It is truly a daily struggle to keep this "beast" in its place.

God Bless!