Friday, April 25, 2008

The Star of Bethlehem

We watched a very interesting documentary last night called "The Star of Bethlehem". It is about a man who was moved to do some very detailed research into the "myth" of the star of Bethlehem. He wanted to know whether it was something that was made up or something that actually existed. Using a very complex computer program, he was able to simulate what the stars and planets looked like around the time of the birth of Christ. He also explored the sky around the time of Christ's death. It was all very interesting and quite compelling. He spent a lot of time looking through the Bible for scripture verses having to do with the sun, moon and stars and then used them as clues to figure out what the star of Bethlehem really was.

What really moved me about this whole topic was when the narrator asked us to stop and think for a moment about what kind of God we really have. To think that when God created the sun, moon and stars, He created them knowing that at just the right time they would all line up in just the right way to tell of the birth and death of His Son. What an awesome thing that is. Why is it we worry so much about day to day things, or even serious things for that matter, when we have a God that had the foresight to create such a vast universe that would all play out according to His plans. When we think about how much "thought" and care He put into creating the stars, shouldn't we be willing to let God be in charge of our lives? It's easy to feel small and insignificant when you compare yourself to the huge universe, but how comforting it is to realize that Jesus died just for each one of us, a tiny speck in the whole of creation.

If you are interested in this topic, you can check out his website for more information and you can order the DVD through here, too. I would highly recommend this very thought provoking video.

God Bless!


  1. Thanks, Laura. I've requested it through Netflix. They have an amazing number of Catholic/spiritual movies.

  2. The joliet public library system also has this movie.