Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trying to do God's Will - and getting blocked

I've talked before about wanting to always do God's will in my life and about how it is hard to figure out what God's will is sometimes. There are other times, however, when I feel pretty sure I know what His will is, but when I try to do it, I get blocked. At that point I always find myself in a dilemma. Was this really what God wanted me to do and the evil one is trying to block it, or was this really not what I was supposed to do and God is trying to block it. How do you tell the difference? There are times I can stop and pray about it and feel pretty sure that I was wrong and it was God trying to stop me. Other times I can feel this strong urge to forge ahead and plow through the obstacles. Yet there are still other times that just leave me stumped.

Take this example: Last Friday I had an inspiration for a post. When I had about half an hour to enter it, I sat down at the computer. I was going to write about things in our lives that we feel we need to get rid of. Of course, we aren't positive about all of them, but based on prayer, we feel that we should at least try to rid ourselves of them. I was going to tell you all about a nice 23 year old (lame) horse that we have that we need to find a good retirement home for. He's even free!! Then I was going to mention about some heavy equipment my husband has that he needs to sell because of the severe down-turn in the housing market. I was going to list them all: a six-wheel dump truck, a New Holland 160 excavator, an F800 tool truck, a 25 ton trailer and a TL-150 track loader. Then the last thing I was going to write about was our house - a 4 bedroom ranch on 5 acres in the heart of the midwest, just in case someone out there wants to move out to the country. I was even going to tell people that if they were interested in more info on any of these things, all they would have to do is send me a comment. I get to see them before I post them, so I was going to let people know that I would not post any inquiries. It was in the middle of writing all of this when- POOF - the power went out. Well, I sat there a moment and wondered, was I supposed to do this or not? Was God trying to stop my from selling things I shouldn't or was satan trying to stop me from selling things I should? I'm still not sure. I just thought I'd throw this example out there in case anyone else had any thoughts:)

God Bless!


  1. Hi Laura! I really liked this post and sent you a private email this morning. Now I'm getting a lesson from Victoria on how to post comments the correct way. God love you, Dolores H.

  2. How frustrating!!

    My computer time is about up so unfortunately I don't have time to write much, but I wanted to say that I once asked a wise apologist that same question and wrote up his (excellent) answer here if you have any interest. It really helped me deal with situations like this.