Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Declaration of Independence

We just finished up reading through the Declaration of Independence. I have to say that it is truly a classic piece of writing. Just like the Bible, it means something to us today even though it was written 232 years ago. It really struck me while reading the first section, before they begin to list the offenses of King George, how much like today it sounds. While reading the next section about the King George's "repeated injuries and usurpations", I started thinking about where our country might be headed...

So, when was the last time you read the Declaration of Independence? I would suggest that you take a moment of your free time to read it again. Read it slowly and take in what it is they are saying here. It truly is an incredible document.

Now, here is a picture of our first project on the American Revolution. My son took the proverbial bull by the horn and tackled his assignment in one day. I love it when they get so into a project. I have to say, again, that this NEVER happened when we were doing workbooks all the time. Part of the reason why, however, is because I never would take the time to let them do stuff like this because then we would fall behind on our workbook schedule. Well, anyway, here is my son's first diorama on the Battle of Bunker Hill. Notice the ship in the harbor off to the left and the Americans up on Bunker Hill on the back wall. The soldiers in front are the English.

God Bless!