Friday, September 26, 2008

Jesus our Rock

At mass this morning, Father began by saying that in these perilous economic times, how lucky we are to have Jesus to cling to for security instead of having to depend on the Government to bring that to us. He talked about how in Lourdes, the pilgrims are encouraged to touch the rock of the grotto area while they are waiting in line to visit the grotto and how clinging to that solid rock is to remind us of Jesus.

It seems that I am constantly being attracted to blogs where the message is the same. Even though our personal world, and even the greater world, may be falling apart around us, somehow we need to find Jesus in all of it and cling to Him. He is the one who is working behind the scenes (sometimes WAY behind the scenes it seems) to make sure that everything in our lives goes according to His plan. I know myself that it is hard to remember that all the time, but God has been good in reminding me almost every day that I can't figure it all out - nor am I supposed to.

In these difficult times, I find it best to focus on the present moment, which is truly the only moment we have. As we learned about in our formation group today, God is the here and now; not the past and not the future. If God is here and now, why do I always find myself moving ahead to what might be. It is such a temptation for me to imagine what might lie ahead. If I am not paying attention, I find that it can truly consume a lot of my thoughts and can get me quite anxious and depressed. If I focus on the present moment and try to live fully in it, I find that I am much more joyful. If I look for Jesus in the present moment and cling to Him in all that I do, I know that I am much more joyful.

We don't know what lies ahead in the near future for our country. There is a lot of speculation out there as to what might be coming, but as we know, no one really knows, so the best thing that we can continue to do is pray and cling to Jesus our Rock.

God Bless!