Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Fair Week

Today begins the 121st Sandwich Fair (technically it is the DeKalb County Fair. I'm not sure why it is called the Sandwich fair instead of the DeKalb County fair - unless of course, it is because it is held in Sandwich, IL?). It is the largest county fair in the state. We've gone now for the past five years and we look forward to it every year. Four years ago we decided to drop out of the 4-H club we were in and just enter projects in the Sandwich Fair. It is loads of fun, we still get the experience of entering competitions, and we don't have to go to any meetings or fill out any paperwork!!! The only thing that hasn't changed from 4-H is that we still don't complete our projects until the last minute!

This year there were six of us entering projects in all kinds of categories like sewing, photography, collections, baking, model building, crocheting and knitting. We usually go on Wednesday morning to check out all of our projects and see if anyone has won any ribbons. It was a close one this morning, but everyone has gotten at least one ribbon so far. Some of the categories weren't done being judged before we had to leave for the afternoon. This evening we will return for one of the highlights of the fair - the fiddle contest. We have two friends who always compete and who are fabulous fiddlers. We love to listen to them and they usually place in the top five, with one of them usually getting either first or second place.

I think that this fair is as good or better than the State Fair itself! There is so much stuff to see and so many things to do that it takes us a few days to go through everything. We like to go and look at all of the livestock - the cows, pigs, sheep, goats and my personal favorite, the chickens. This morning we also got to see the Jr. Jr. (under 13) barrel racing.

The fair goes through Sunday, so if you live close by and have never been, we would highly recommend checking it out!

God Bless!