Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Enter into the Battle for our Nation

This is a great year to take some time to teach your kids about the founding fathers of our country and the goals and visions they had for their new nation. Just following the election and discussing the electoral process - the good and the bad about it - is quite educational and fascinating. In addition to the educational aspect that is before us right now, we also need to take part in the spiritual battle that is raging. As my husband put it the other day, this election truly is a case of black and white. Not in a racist way, but in terms of good and evil. It seems as if God is presenting us with a test. He has drawn the line very clearly between the culture of life and the culture of death. What will the people of this nation decide?

We have a little less than two months to help swing that decision in favor of the culture of life. I think that it is imperative that we take on the challenge to learn about what our country stood for when it was created and what it should still stand for today, as well as to join in a Rosary crusade to help bring the culture of life back to our great nation.

My daughter found a website that I can't seem to find right now, referencing the battle of Lepanto which took place in 1571. It was a battle between the mighty Turkish fleet and the smaller Christian European fleet. Pope St. Pius V, seeing that the battle was unequal, called on the faithful to pray the rosary for the Christians in battle and for their success against the Turks. On October 7, 1571, the battle was won against the Turks.

We find ourselves in the same battle today. We, the Christians of this nation, are fighting the larger "fleet" of the culture of death movement. By praying the rosary between now and election day, we too can have an impact on how this battle turns out. I have come across differently worded intentions for this rosary, but essentially we should pray that, through the intercession of Mary Immaculate, Patroness of the USA, God will grant us a President and Vice President that will uphold the culture of life and bring back the Christian values of faith and family that this country was founded on. If you begin this novena of rosaries tomorrow, you can turn it into a 54 day rosary novena - 3 novenas (or 27 days) of petition and 3 novenas (27 more days) of thanksgiving. May God have mercy on us and on our country.

God Bless!

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  1. Happy Belated birthday to you too!!! Blessings!!
    My husbands birthday is on Our Lady's birthday, so it's ok that I missed it!! Yes, it is special to have it around her birth though, now it's even better to share the week with you too!