Sunday, September 7, 2008

On Your Birthday, Mother

The sun has arisen,
Glancing 'round with it's fiery might.
Away with the darkness!
Now enter the light!

The light of the sun,
The light of your face,
The light of the candles
That dance on your cake.

The light of the joy,
that beams from the smiles,
On your children's small faces
from over the years and the miles.

The light of God's love,
the light of your family and friends.
Who shall always be there,
Until your life ends.

The light of your works,
the light of your life,
Shining forth from your duties
as a mother and wife.

The light from your heart;
it shines like a fire
Of devotion to God above,
It sings like a choir.

As your children who love you,
We see always your light,
when you tuck us in bed
and you wish us "good-night".

When you scold us for trouble,
we see the light of your wrath:
when we throw temper tantrums
in the middle of our math.

But shinning below emotions
is always the light of your love,
comforting and guiding us;
Reflecting God above.

You help us and warm us
with your undying light,
burning for us and for God,
Ev'ry day, ev'ry night.

We love our dear mother
with a fire that burns
brightly, hiding,
but off, never turned.

May this special day be filled
with the light of grace and of joy,
And the happiness and charity
of your girls and your boys.

We love you!

The Lights of Your Life


  1. My mom thought I should tell you that I wrote the poem, so I am.
    I wrote the poem! :)

  2. Lady Rose, I'm so glad that you told us you wrote the poem. It is outstadning! God bless you! What a GREAT picture. Your family has so much fun!!!!!!! Dolores H