Friday, September 19, 2008

Mushrooms, Health and Prayers

About 9:30 this morning a friend of mine called and asked me if I was drinking a cup of my Mystic Monk coffe. No, I told her, I am actually straining the slimy stuff out of my mushroom water so that I can get ready to drink that. She knew exactly what I was talking about and we proceeded to have a conversation about mushroom water - otherwise known as Kombucha.

I always have to shake my head when the new how-to-make-yourself-feel-great craze passes through our homeschool group. You never know what it is going to be. Some of the things I have tried for a while and others I know I could never do, like sprouting things in my kitchen and then eating them. I actually can't believe I am willing to try mushroom water! I did have a sample of it a few weeks back and it wasn't too bad. At the time I had a cold, and it actually made me feel better faster. I also felt a burst of energy after drinking it. Well, now I am growing it in my kitchen. We'll see what happens.

I've been getting a leading Natural Health Dr.'s newsletters lately, too. Talk about making you afraid of everything. At times it gets downright depressing to learn about all of the things that are killing me or causing my body to be growing some type of cancer. Mixed in among those stories are blurbs about all of the different vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc that your body isn't getting but that it needs so that you can stay healthy - that is if you can continually dodge the electro-magnetic radiation that is constantly bombarding you.

Add to that reading the Catholic blogs and websites that keep telling us about the horrible state of our world and you have to wonder what is a person supposed to do? When I was on retreat this past July, Father said that the best way to prepare for battle is to pray. The other day Dr. Mark Miravalle said we need to go to daily Mass, pray the family rosary and go to frequent confession. We can't physically change a lot of things in this world that are harming us, but we can certainly increase our prayers and beg for mercy - and hopefully a little Kombucha won't hurt, either! Cheers.

God Bless!

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  1. I'll tell you what you are supposed to do, don't read the horrible blogs that tell you all the stuff that is going on in the world!

    You can't worry about what you are ignorant of.

    The only thing to fear is fear itself.