Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Fair Part II - My Photography Contest Saga

I have to take today's post to tell you my photography contest saga. For the past three years I have been entering photos into the various photography categories at the Sandwich Fair, and for the past three years I have not gotten one ribbon. Last year was the worst. My uncle bought himself one of those disposable cameras when he went on vacation to San Fransisco. He took a few pictures of some buildings, entered one in the competition and won a blue ribbon. Of course I was happy for him *cough*, but it just didn't seem right!

Now fast forward to this past April when I had the opportunity to take pictures for the Little Flowers Dance and Theatre Troupe's performance of "The Seven Last Words". These pictures turned out so good that people kept telling me that I should take pictures professionally. I kept insisting that it was a fluke. How could I be a professional photographer if I can't even win a blue ribbon at the Sandwich Fair?? They didn't understand that the Holy Spirit was the one who took these pictures, not me. I'm not trying out the false humility, thing, either. I was simply the tool used to showcase this incredible performance.

So now I have my proof. This year I entered two of my favorite pictures from the 7LW performance and I finally won a blue ribbon. Thus backing up my claim that I - myself - am not that great of a photographer. When I allow my camera to be used by the Holy Spirit - well, that's a different story. I entered this picture in the "Famous People" category :)
"Jesus" was up against other famous people like musicians and baseball players. I am really glad that the judges decided to give Him the blue ribbon over a musician or an athlete! Thanks Holy Spirit, for finally helping me reach my goal of winning a blue ribbon in photography at the fair!

God Bless!