Tuesday, October 30, 2012

As My Son Grows Up

My first four children are all girls.  Since they are currently 20, 18, 16 and almost 14, I have a pretty good handle on what to expect from a girl while she is growing up.  My eldest son is currently 12 and it is fascinating to me to watch him mature because he is (and rightly so) so different from the girls.

While he wishes he was growing taller, he is definitely growing stronger and I love to watch him use his strength around the house.  As us girls are always struggling to do push ups and sit ups and such, it is fun to watch him do them with ease.  I hate to admit that he is already stronger than I am as this does not give me much leverage going into the teen years :)

I also enjoy watching his mind grow.  His ability to reason is growing by leaps and bounds lately.  He loves to argue points with us...unfortunately he usually picks the already proven losing point, but I still egg him on so that I can see him hone his debate skills.   All someone has to do is say something along the lines of, "Hey, I just heard Pluto isn't a planet any more" or "Didn't you know fish isn't considered meat", and he begins to debate with you why that point is not necessarily true.  All we need to do is to work with him and I can see him becoming a skilled debater of apologetics.

I thank God for giving me this boy!  I am so glad that God made such differences between boys and girls because it truly does make the world a better place.  I look forward to watching him as he strengthens his mind and body even more in the years to come and uses them for good in this world.

God Bless!