Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels

God gives each one of us a Guardian Angel for our very own - to guide us and to protect us all the days of our life.  Do you know the name of your Guardian Angel?  A long time ago I had heard the story from a friend of mine about how her husband spent his adoration time praying to find out the names of each of his children's Angels.  It took him awhile, as he had quite a few children, but he was eventually able to tell them all. 

I had also heard others say that if you pray for God to reveal the name of your Angel every night before you go to bed that He would do that in the morning.  The first name that pops into your head upon awakening is the name of your Angel.  Now, this might take a few times, because my daughter had a friend who did this and the first few times she woke up with the name of Lord of the Ring characters in her head.  She highly doubted that her Angel's name is Frodo :)  I did this and the name that was with me in the morning was John.  Until I meet the Lord, I will not know for sure that this is his name, but for now, it gives me something to call him.

Each morning you should say a prayer to your Guardian Angel.  Of course the Guardian Angel prayer is a good one :)  I also read somewhere that you should say one Our Father in honor of your Angel every day.  The Pieta book recommends seven Glory Be's to your Angel every day.  No matter what you choose, start building that relationship with your Angel, so that when you need to, it will just be second nature to call upon him for help. 

God gave us angels to help us.  We really need to start utilizing them more by calling upon them in times of trouble or concern or even in joy!

God Bless!