Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On Halloween and Rome

Every year at this time the Catholic on-line world goes crazy with posts about whether or not it is Catholic to celebrate Halloween.  I suppose at some point my overloaded brain knew all the reasons for and against this argument, but today, for the life of me, I can't remember any of them.

This year we will be donning saintly costumes and attending our parishes All Hallow's Eve party.  Father decided to host it on Halloween and so we are going to go and watch skits, play games, go through mazes and get candy.  I think it sounds like a great mix - religion, fun and candy!

So as I sit here waiting to get ready to leave, I was reading the next chapter in our history book about the Roman Empire.  I was so struck when I read these two paragraphs about how history does in fact just keep repeating itself.  We humans, try as we might, just keep falling into the same sins.  See if this sounds familiar to you:

"Roman citizen farmers could not compete with these large farms and so were forced to sell their small farms and move to Rome.  In Rome, these once independent farmers relied on the government for food, which was handed out daily.  In this way, Rome's empire destroyed the small citizen farmers who had made Rome great in the first place."
and this one:
"Rome's power and wealth changed the patricians as well.  Many of these once patriotic men who served as senators and generals became selfish and greedy.  As senators they became more concerned with their own success than what benefited all Romans.  So it was that Romans came to lose the virtues of courage, loyalty and self-control - the virtues that had made Rome great."
Sounds all too familiar to me.  I know you are wondering what these two things have to do with each other and how I am going to tie them together and my answer is:  they don't and I'm not, so have a safe, fun, holy time over the next few days :)

God Bless!