Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes November 16 2012

--- 1 ---

My daughter found a website for this really cool coffee shop in Minnesota.  It's a place where non-Catholics and fallen away Catholics can meet with practicing Catholics in a "non-threatening environment" to sip some good coffee and learn about the faith.  What a great way to evangelize!  Looks like they could use some donations, so if you feel so inclined, check it out here.  I wish we lived close enough to check it out in person!
--- 2 ---

It wouldn't be a good Quick Takes without a little bit of self promotion :)  I've updated my "Catholic Owned Companies" page and am looking for other Catholic companies, products and/or services, who would like to advertise on my site.  I can send you the stats and what's required if you're interested.  I'm excited about building this page into something that everyone can benefit from!  Won't you consider joining me???  Just click here and fill out the form!
--- 3 ---

Have you ever been on a silent retreat before?  If not, you simply must go because they are nothing short of awesome!  The priests of Miles Christi preach the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius (the powerhouse of all retreats, btw) all over the country.  There is a women's retreat coming up in December (a great way to start Advent!) in the Chicago area.  Check out their site for other upcoming retreats - hopefully in your area!

--- 4 ---

I've been scaring myself lately.  I am ready to start thinking about Christmas lists and shopping, even going to a MALL!  This is so totally out of character for me and I'm wondering why.  Ms 16 yo mused that maybe it is because we haven't been running around like crazy people for the past three months so I'm actually able to think, plan and want to leave the house.  I think she is on to something...

--- 5 ---

Now on to something completely different.  I was looking for some pictures and I stumbled upon this folder.  A few months ago, the older girls got out their American Girl dolls and clothes and gave each of their dolls a freshening up.

Seems the poor dolls had been standing around in the same outfits for about two years!  It was fun to see them take out and revisit all of their old stuff.  I'm sure the dolls appreciated it, too!

--- 6 ---

We've been having such a good school year so far that I've decided to take the few weeks leading up to Christmas and, instead of our regular work, do some of the things that we never have time to do.  I'm thinking some read aloud, math fact practice, volunteer work, baking, Bible work, art history and anything else I can come up with.  We'll still keep up with math, but we're on schedule enough that the other subjects can wait awhile.  I think we'll all enjoy the change!
--- 7 ---

Looking forward to the craft fair we'll be at this weekend with our soap.  The girls came up with a neat idea we're going to try.  Instead of just handing out free samples, we're going to have a washing bowl where you can actually try out our great soap.  Should be fun!  Have a great weekend.

God Bless! 

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  1. A silent retreat has definitely been on my bucket list for a while...I'll have to look around; I think Advent would be such a great time to do one! I'm off to look at your soap company now; it sounds awesome!

    1. Stephanie, you really should do one! Thanks for looking at the soap!