Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jewelry from Haiti

While at our last craft fair, we had the wonderful fortune to meet some great women.  The first lady I am going to tell you about was at the table next to us.  She was selling bracelets, necklaces and rosaries made from women in Haiti.  These women have been trained to make the bracelets out of empty cereal boxes and newspaper.

 Each bracelet comes with a story about the person (usually a woman) who made it.  


The bracelet I bought, however, was made be Francisco.  He is a 19 year old boy who is making jewelry to support his mom, brother and sister.  His dad died and his mom can't work, so Francisco learned how to make this jewelry so that they can live.  He is also working to help pay for his own schooling.

The organization that makes these bracelets available to the US is called Three Angels Children's Relief.  They have an orphanage, a school and a medical clinic that they support in Haiti to help the poor.  Through this group you can sponsor children, give donations or take a less standard route and sell jewelry, just like the wonderful woman who was sitting next to us.  She even went farther and adopted her son from Haiti!  While that is out of the realm of possibilities for most people, providing some assistance probably is not.

I'm putting this post out there in case you are looking for an organization to support this Advent, or even all year round.  If you have someone on your Christmas list who might like a bracelet or a necklace that will help support the poor in Haiti, you can go to their website and find out how to have a jewelry party.

I hope you get a chance to check out this wonderful organization and help support it either through your prayers, spreading the word, or through a donation of some kind. 


 God Bless!