Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Trip to Planned Parenthood

A few weeks ago our parish had a drive for people to sign up to pray outside of Planned Parenthood on their day, the first Wednesday of the month.  It wasn't until about a week later that I realized it would fall on the day after the election.

This morning Ms 18 yo, Ms 16 yo and I drove to the abortion mill to pray with about 9 other people and our parish priest.  The parking lot, unfortunately, was full.  There was a wonderful sidewalk counselor there with us, too.   One car stopped and rolled down their window to talk with her and with Father.  They talked for a long time while we prayed.  They drove to another parking lot to talk some more.  Father said they both listened but in the end, they drove around and went inside PP.  Please pray for this girl and her boyfriend because they will need all our prayers.

There were assorted other cars with girlfriends and boyfriends driving in, girls bringing their friend, but the ones that just broke my heart were the cars that were driven by moms who were bringing in their young daughters to have an abortion.  I cannot even fathom how, as a mother, you could bring your child in to kill her child, your grandchild.  What's the saying, "There but for the grace of God go I".  Thank you, Lord, for giving me the grace to find this all so disturbing.

So here we stand, the day after the election, four more years of killing in front of us.  We need to take a deep breath, grab our rosaries, hit our knees and continue to pray that this senseless killing will end.  Onward Christian soldiers :)

 God Bless!