Monday, November 12, 2012

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Joining the ladies over at Sucipio!

Moments of Grace:

* Being with family this weekend
* Holy Mass
* wonderful singing from the pews
* good cake
* laughing with family
* dancing with family (see above :)

Beauty in the Ordinary:

Life is so busy that sometimes it is so easy to forget that the littlest ones in the bunch just don't get the attention their older siblings got. Today I took my two youngest out for a short while (it's really cold here!) and we did some outdoor science.  It was a very nice, but brief, time together.

In the Kitchen:

This morning brought scones, yummy, and the weekend brought crepes with Nutella for a birthday celebration (I stuck to the lo-cal version and put fruit spread on mine :).  We've got BBQ pork sandwiches, spaghetti and pizza!  The kids get to pick, within reason, what they are going to cook that night.  Some weeks we are adventurous, other weeks we're not!

Looking Ahead:

I'm having formation group this week and we'll be discussing How to Find Your Predominant Fault.  We had this talk a few years ago and it was very productive!  We're also getting ready for a craft fair at the end of the week for our soap.


How to make our mornings less hectic.  We are committed to daily Mass in the mornings, so I really don't see a way around this, but it would be so nice to not be rushed every day.  Of course, there is one way - getting up even earlier - but that doesn't seem very realistic right now either.  Oh well, I'll keep pondering...


Still praying for so many things.  Friends of ours are in dire need of a job for the man of the house.  He's been unemployed for 7 months and they have 9 children.  Would you please join me in praying that he finds gainful employment soon!  Thanks.


Still reading "Reason to Believe" by Ron Tesoriero.  In fact, I really need to get back to that.  My current Bible study is on the word "hope".


God Bless!


  1. Love the pic Laura!

    I will keep your intentions in prayer.

    I commend you for making the effort to go to Mass is something I struggle with continually.

    What kind of formation group are you participating in?

    1. Thanks Theresa. It really is a struggle to get there some days when everyone is tired and moving slow and I'm constantly nagging to get everyone out the door so we can make it there remotely on time, but then I think about not going and I just don't think I can do it. I really like those days when we have an evening Mass to go to. At least then I get a morning break.

      We participate in a formation group that is run by the priests of Miles Christi. "Run" in the sense that they put out the materials and I facilitate. I have been leading a women's group for about 4 years now and it has been wonderful!