Tuesday, November 20, 2012

God is Everywhere

We are in that time of life again where we are preparing one of our children for their First Holy Communion.  I have always used the "New St. Joseph's First Communion Catechism" because I like the format of questions and answers. 

Probably my most favorite question in the whole book is #5 "Where is God?"  The answer, God is everywhere, always evokes some interesting conversations.  All of my children have reacted the same way as they try to grasp the concept of God being everywhere at the same time.

We were at Mass the other day when Mr 7 yo looked at me after Communion and said, "God is right up here (pointing to his head because the priest blessed him) in me but in you he's right there (pointing to my stomach)."  Then he thought for a few more moments.  "Really, God is everywhere in here.  He's on every hair in this church (I have to say that THAT was a new one!).  He's in this tiny space (he made a small circle with his fingers) but really He is in all the space in this church."

You could just see his brain trying to process this concept.  I actually remember doing this when I was his age.  I remember sitting at the table in our kitchen while my mom was either washing dishes or cooking dinner.  I was talking to her about how cool it was that God was there with us in the kitchen.  I remember pointing to one of the chairs and saying that, in fact, He was sitting right over there!

I'm glad we're studying this concept now.  When it seems as if God is so hard to find, it really is good to remember that He truly is EVERYWHERE at all times; that He knows all things and can do all things.  He truly is an Awesome God who is with us, even if we can't perceive that.  

Stop for a few moments and look around.  Can you imagine God in the room with you?  In the other rooms?  In the cars driving by?  With the people in the other houses and buildings, but yet, still here with you?  Let's give thanks that our God can be everywhere - even on the hairs of your head :)

God Bless!

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