Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes November 2 2012

--- 1 ---

Happy All Souls' Day!  On this day every year I like to pray specifically for all of those friends and family members who have died since last All Souls' Day.  Some years it is a short list, this year it is not.  So, today I pray for Monsignor Boyle, Joe, Eugene, Amy, Jenny, Judy, Fran, Michael, John, Amanda and Eileen.  Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them and may the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen.
--- 2 ---

We had a great time at our parish's All Hallows Eve party.  The skits were well done, there was lots of candy to be had and the kids got to see friends.  Doesn't get much better than that.  After I posted the other day about Catholics and Halloween, I found this link to an informative article in case anyone is interested.
--- 3 ---

We went to our parish for Mass on All Saints Day (which is a rarity during the week because of the distance).  Someone asked Mr 12 yo to serve because the other boy who was serving was too nervous to do it alone.  I had to convince him that it was better to serve and help the boy out than to not serve because he was in jeans and gym shoes.  I'm really glad that he cares so much about how he is dressed when he serves the Lord!
--- 4 ---

Speaking of my son, I finally gave him a night each week to help with dinner and have been impressed by his willingness and his ability.  Thursday night we made egg rolls, which I have to say was a first for me, too.  They turned out pretty good!  He wasn't as impressed, however, with the pork fried rice that I picked out to go with them.  In his opinion, eggs just don't go with broccoli, pork and rice :)

--- 5 ---

We will be taking nine teenage girls on a five hour car ride. Please pray for us :)
--- 6 ---

We have been praying for so many people lately.  One family we have been praying for has been trapped in a war-torn city in Syrbia.  They have been there for weeks with little access to anything and bombs going off constantly.  Recently they were able to escape to a better part of the country where at least they will have access to food, water and electricity.  It appears as if God made them invisible in order to make this journey.  I have to say that that "invisibility grace" has got to be one of my favorite God actions.
--- 7 ---

After three days of festivities, it's time to take a break! Unfortunately that will have to wait until sometime next week. Have a great, safe and holy weekend :)
God Bless!

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