Monday, November 19, 2012

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Joining with the ladies over at Sucipio!

Moments of Grace:

* Beautiful alter cloths at a church we were visiting
* Great homily given by a very young priest
* Meeting wonderful women at a craft fair we were at
* Friends who welcomed us for dinner

Beauty in the Ordinary:

My husband has been the driving force behind our exercising habit this year.  Being a male, his body has really responded to it all and he's lost a lot of weight and grown his muscles!  My body, on the other hand, has been a lot more resistant to these new demands I have been placing on it.  I do, however, plug along, mainly to keep the rest of the girls moving, too.  There is just something good and, might I say, beautiful, about a family trying to get into shape together.  Yesterday the younger kids were downstairs trying to keep up with dad during a P90X routine.  They did an amazingly good job and I give them a ton of credit for trying!

In the Kitchen:

* This morning was pumpkin muffins.  Man do those buggers have a lot of calories!
* Baked chicken and sweet potatoes
* Sweet potato casserole - our contribution to the big day!

For discernment on which predominant fault God wants me to work on first :)


Still reading "Reason to Believe" and I really am almost done!  It is a very good book and would be great for someone who has doubts about the Catholic church.  Next up is "Choosing Joy" by Dan Lord!


How best to celebrate Advent this year and why it is that I am so anxious for it to be here.  I seem to be unusually ready for it to begin.  I keep thinking it should be happening this weekend and not a whole week away!  Why is that????


God Bless!

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  1. Great pic Laura!

    I am looking forward to Advent too. Thanksgiving is way too early this year!

    God bless your husband...I need a motivator like that!

    And pumpkin muffins...mmmm...just keep thinking of all that good vitamin A : )