Thursday, June 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes June 14 2013

--- 1 ---

Happy Flag Day everyone!  These are going to be incredibly quick takes, I think, as this has been a very busy week.
 --- 2 ---

Well, we are finishing up (or have finished depending on when you are reading) our first INTENSIVE week for the Performing Arts Center the kids are in.  They'll be having a recital next weekend, so they've been getting their parts and learning their lines and/or dances.  So far we have a David (of Goliath fame) possibly a Miriam (of Moses fame, but she hasn't found out for sure yet), a Beast (as in Beauty and the) and a Mrs Pots (of the same).  Should be a ton of fun...and worth all of the driving we've been doing!
--- 3 ---

In between driving, I had time to get a haircut and took the plunge and got it cut shorter than I have had it in a long time.  Unfortunately I don't have time for pictures.  At this length, the kids keep mentioning I look like my mom.  I don't want to look like my mom...I mean I lover her to death, and she's a lovely woman, but I'm 20 some years younger than she is, so I think you know what I mean.  Oh well, I like the cut anyhow.
--- 4 ---

My dh and I were sitting out on the patio the other night watching the clouds move in when the tornado sirens went off.  We both looked at each other, looked around and wondered what the heck they meant as it wasn't even raining or anything.  He went out to the road to look around, I went in to check the radar, Ms 21 yo told us dinner was ready so instead of going to the basement we sat down to eat.  Well, we heard a rumor later that there was a tornado about 10 miles west of us.  Maybe they do know what they're doing.  And we're doomed if one ever gets closer to us.
--- 5 ---

So the rain and the wind did finally show up and the usual river formed in the yard.  The drain is collapsed so it means that the water hangs around for a lot longer and makes the grass smell like a swamp.  Great for when you're having a party in a few days.  Praying it doesn't rain anymore until after that.
--- 6 ---

Party is our middle name around here and we're raring to go once again.  This time around we'll be celebrating the two graduations, one confirmation and one birthday.  We like to pack a lot into our celebrations.  Hopefully it does stay nice outside because we did get water in our basement the other night and it's still drying out and we probably won't have time to put it all back together. 

--- 7 ---

By Sunday we'll all be toast but we'll pull it together to celebrate one more time for that wonderful man in our lives...DAD.  We'll have seen the grandpas already, so it should be somewhat of a quiet day.  Hope you have a wonderful Father's Day and summery weekend, too.

God Bless! 

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  1. Happy Father's Day to your hubby...enjoy!
    ( I have a 7QT in my draft folder for tmrw, but don't think I'll get to finish it ! I had to laugh at your #1....)

    Enjoy the weekend !

    God bless

    1. I had to stop and figure out what you were talking about Chris. Then I realized I hit publish without setting up the timer. Oh well, I guess I'll leave it, it will help save time tomorrow morning! Happy Father's Day to your hubby, too :)