Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes June 7 2013

--- 1 ---

First off, Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart!  I hurt my back over a week ago and then it was feeling pretty good.  I made it through the Corpus Christi procession on Sunday and through my son's Confirmation on Monday.  Tuesday was crazy day and I started out feeling fine.  We were running behind and I was going through a room when I spotted something (I really don't remember what - probably something as mundane as a piece of paper or whatnot) on the floor when I bent over to pick it up.  That's right, I was in such a hurry that I just bent over at the waist.  No squatting down to pick it up this time.  That's when it hit me again.  Now I think I'm worse than I was last week.
--- 2 ---

I'm sure some of you can relate to this next one, but did you know that there is really no good way to work on a laptop while lying flat on your back?  I've tried it on my knees - doesn't work.  I've put it next to me - hurt my neck.  I've laid it on my stomach but that makes it too close to use the keyboard easily.  There has to be a way, there just has to be.
--- 3 ---

So since there isn't a way that I've figured out just yet, I just lie there and think because reading isn't even really that easy while lying on your back when you have bifocals.  You know, you have to tilt you head up enough and hold the book in just the right place in order to read the words.  Gets tiring after awhile.  Besides that, I'm lying down, which makes me tired to begin with.  Since I can't read 0and I can't do work, I lie there thinking about all the things I need to do and I make lists.  However, I only make mental lists because I never remember to bring paper with me.  Once I get up, however, I forget what I thought of putting on my list by the time I get to my laptop.  I know, I could have much worse problems and I am incredibly thankful that I don't!
--- 4 ---

Enough about my back.  Next week starts the first week of summer intensive (I hate that word - it sounds so....intense, which it will be) for the Performing Arts Center that my kids are involved in.  We're still trying to work out the carpooling details so that no one person is driving up and down the highway 8 times a day.  And then to top it off, gas prices took a huge jump around here this week.  Can anyone tell me why our prices right now are $4.30  and then some a gallon and the national average is $3.60???   I know, I'm complaining a lot today, aren't I? 

--- 5 ---

Okay, two more takes to get it right and end on a positive note.  Hmmm, well, those friends of mine who were trying to raise money so that they could record a CD of sacred music?  Well, they did it.  They raised enough money and last week they went to record the songs.  I'll let you know when the CD is ready.  From the sneak peak I heard, it should be incredible.
--- 6 ---

I'm giving a talk on Saturday to a group of "younger" homeschooling moms at a brunch they are having.  My talk is on prayer so I would appreciate any that you could throw my way.  I've done some public speaking, but it is always a bit intimidating; especially now that I have been billed as the "veteran".  That makes it sound like I know something :)
--- 7 ---

Other than that we have a busy day on Saturday - I think the car has been booked to go to about five different places.  Sunday, thankfully, looks to be a quiet day.  Maybe I can finally get those flowers the kids got me for Mother's Day into the planters.  Have a great weekend! Oh, and I have to throw a picture in here or else I don't have anything to choose from for my widget thingy in the linkup so here goes:

God Bless! 

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