Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes June 28, 2013

Our summer is in full swing now!  Two weeks of intensive - done.  Summer performance - done.  Photo editing - done.  Now on to the activities that will keep us busy all through July and into August - vacation, retreat, another retreat, more photo shoots, more photo editing, another kids' camp.  Can't wait for school to start so we can slow down.  Wait, did I really just say that?

We've been having a lot of nasty storms in our area lately.  On our way to a party this weekend we were running just south of one and I happened to have my camera so I tried a few shots while we were driving (let me clarify - my husband was driving, I was not!).  Here's one I particularly liked.

 On the way home the clouds had parted and we were able to see the Super Moon.  "Well, why not, "  I thought.  I got out the camera again and tried to capture it.  I guess it really doesn't look that "super", but I like the colors!


Our little mini gardens are going to town and one thing that is really thriving is the fresh basil.  

I wasn't ever really a fan of it before, but then I tried some leaves on a turkey sandwich and let me tell you, it is de-lish! I love being able to go out my door, pick a few leaves and plop them on a wrap with some meat and hummus and I'm in heaven.

The anniversary gifts keep coming in and this past weekend we received a really awesome one from friends of ours whose daughter was just in Rome.  

I was so excited by this!  Hopefully soon we'll get it hung up above our family altar.

We've had another influx of new Lego kits recently.  These kits just keep getting better and better!  

I do appreciate that the boys actually play with all of them, not just put them together and let them sit there.  They've even gotten to the point where they do a lot more of their own modifications and such.  It's cool to see their creativity.

Little by little, as time and brain power allow, I'm trying to piece our curriculum for next year together.  You would think with only four kids to homeschool next year that it wouldn't be that difficult, but for some reason this time it is.  I'm seriously looking at the "Trail Guide to Learning", but haven't made any purchases yet.  Anyone ever use it before?

Have a great weekend everyone!
God Bless! 
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