Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Time to Work and A Time to Vent

Why is it that, when I finally have an afternoon where 1. I can stay home and 2. most of the kids are out and the two that are here are occupied with "Captain America", I get distracted by things and don't get done what I have been waiting to do on an afternoon like this??

One of my summer goals was to spend one entire afternoon a week working on my website.  I need to rebuild a lot of pages because the format needs to be changed, and there's stuff I want to add and update.  I figured I'd pack up my laptop and head to the library once a week, no questions asked.  Well, given our schedule over the next two months, I'm not sure that is actually going to happen. 

I was, however, presented with the opportunity described above this afternoon so I got comfy at my desk, turned the fan on to cool me off and then smelled the toxic smell that can only mean one thing - my neighbor decided it was time to burn his garbage again.

Now I know it shouldn't, but this just sends me into a rage because it just isn't right.  We rarely use our air conditioning, so all during the spring/summer/fall months when the windows are open, we have to survive the onslaught of that horrid smell when he decides to burn.  It is so bad that we must shut all the windows, no matter how warm it is, until he is done.

Today I called the county to find out what could be done. They told me it is not enforceable through the Sheriff's office but through the Health Department.  They told me to call the Health Dept and someone could go over there and explain to him what he is allowed to burn and what he isn't.  They could write him a fine if they needed to.

I don't know about that, it just doesn't seem very effective.  Instead, I just did what I always do and stood in my yard and yelled at his billowing smoke in the hope that someone is around to hear me.  Well, then, I also came to vent on my blog, which doesn't seem to help the smoke, but does help me, so thanks.

Now that that is over with, maybe I can still salvage some website time.

God Bless!