Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mary - Hope for Good Weather

The forecast for this past Saturday was bleak - rain and thunderstorms by mid afternoon, continuing on into the evening with greater likelihood and greater severity.  Of course it was party day and we had to have this event outside.  Should we put up the big tents?  The ones that can't be taken down at a moments notice?  Should we put up the quick tents that were somewhat smaller in area but a lot easier to drop quickly in case of sudden wind?

As I sat there that morning pondering all of this, I had the sudden inspiration to do what my grandmother used to do...place my statue of Mary in the window and pray for her intercession for good weather.  She was up against tough odds, I mean it was the Weather Channel forecast after all, but my grandma's previous track record with this method gave me hope.

Ms 14 yo noticed I had done this and then proceeded to take all of our Mary statues and place them in various windows throughout the house.  By the time the party rolled around, the sun was shining and the forecast was calling for no rain until later in the evening.  Mary, our Hope for good weather, had come through again.

Our Blessed Mother always intercedes for us when we ask her to.  She even takes good care of the little details, too.  The party broke up about 8:00, which is very unusual for one of our bigger parties.  We were all kind of perplexed by that, but began the clean up process and weren't surprised when the first raindrops started falling as the tents were coming down.  By the time everything was cleaned up and the last people had left, a whopper of a thunderstorm rolled through.  There was a couple of cracks of lightning that were right above our house; the cracks were so loud we all jumped.  Had people not left early, it would not have been a pretty sight.  Thank you, Blessed Mother, for your tender, loving care and for bringing good weather when we ask.

God Bless!