Monday, June 10, 2013

Catholic Women's Almanac

Moments of Gratitude:

* Those adjustments at the Chiropractor!  Boy do I thank God for that particular gift He gave to man :)
* A wonderful group of women that I spoke to on Saturday morning.  They were so kind and generous!  We had a wonderful morning.
* The beautiful weather we had on Sunday.  It wasn't always sunny, but it was warmer than it has been.
* My helpers on Saturday who helped me finally plant my Mother's Day flowers.

The Week Ahead:

This week begins our two week summer intensive with the performing arts center my kids are involved with.  It will involve a lot of time and a lot of driving, but I keep telling myself it only is two weeks.  I can do this!  In between that is the usual errands and such.  I guess this is how we usually spend our summers, going from one event to another!

In the Kitchen:

Easy-peasy things because of our schedule.  I think meatloaf, pizza and some beef in the crockpot recipe are on deck, along with a few things I can't remember at the moment.


I have a bunch of people I know who are in need of physical healing and I'd like to ask you to add a prayer for them, too:
Len - for his knee to heal completely from surgery
Josh - A teen who had his 5th open heart surgery - that he will be healed
Laura - For her sprained back to finally get better so she can return to her motherly duties
Kim - A friend who had a heart attack last week
Nanci - Who is still trying to recuperate from surgery two weeks ago but keeps having complications.

So many things to pray for. So many people in need.  Lord, hear our prayers!


How not to get frustrated that summer seems as if it will be over before it even gets going.  Run, run, run.  Why?


I took my camera out Sunday to take a picture of some of the pretty roses the girls got this past week at graduation and then I just kept going from there.

God Bless!

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  1. This post brings everything into perspective. I will pray for all of thse you have mentioned, and ask the Lord to keep them in His Sacred Heart. He has given us so much.