Monday, October 29, 2012

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Joining in with the women over at Sucipio!

Moments of Grace:

* The first weekend of fires in the fireplace
* Whole chickens that tasted awesome for a change
* Raking leaves and lots of sunshine
* Watching a series with my daughters and hubby

Beauty in the Ordinary:

Getting my camera out again after a short hiatus and taking pictures of the kids out in the yard felt good.  Seeing things through the lens and working with the light to try to create memorable images is very cathartic.  It takes your mind off of your troubles.

Around the house:

Two girls are playing Blokus, my husband is making his famous peanut butter protein bars, my youngest son is making bombing noises on the other side of the room, so some elaborate battle must be going on :).  My oldest son was practicing the piano (finally) and the other girls are on their computers somewhere.

In the Kitchen:

I'm not kidding about this - our chicken turned out awesome today (Sunday).  I've lived in this house almost three years and had yet to use the convection part of my oven.  Since we were cooking two whole chickens (and the white meat usually turns out dry) I thought I'd figure out how to use it.  It cooked a lot faster and the chicken was so juicy and tasted fabulous!  Now we're on to cranberry bread for tomorrow's breakfast and baked potato soup later in the week.


Why so many people have lost that healthy "Fear of the Lord".


For all those on the East coast:  for their safety and their property.  For the upcoming election, that Sandy will not interfere with voter turnout or the election. 

The Week Ahead:

All Hallow's Eve will be celebrated at out parish this year.  One of our priests puts on an elaborate event for the kids and this year it is on "the day".  Some of our girls will be singing the Mass parts in Latin for the Holy Day and for All Souls Day.  I am so excited about this! 


My first thought for this spot is to find pretty photos or photos to make you smile.  This is a "keepin-it-real" photo.  Our cabinet was falling off the ceiling.  Here's my hubby using his male-ingenuity to fix it :)

 God Bless!


  1. Great list the first fire and raking leaves in the sun.

    Have a blessed day and enjoy your All Saint's celebration.

  2. Hi Laura...I've gotten 'picture lazy' since my boys have grown and gone away....but every time I see all the great pics on everyone's posts I think it might be a great new hobby.

    Have a beautiful All Saints Day +

  3. I love that your parish celebrates All Hallow's Eve - mine does as well! And Latin Mass parts? Oh dear - I've been a choir (youth and adult) director for many years - these are so incredibly beautiful!

    Blessings to you,