Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Daybook - Day 1

This is my Advent Daybook; something I will be doing all through Advent to have a memory of it for myself and anyone else who is still on the internet :)


(These will be taken from a magazine article that was forwarded to me.  Unfortunately it does not say what the magazine is called, it just says "Magazine for Homeschooling Families")

See that the roof of the stable is in good condition, so that the Infant Jesus is protected from rain and snow.  This you will do by carefully avoiding every uncharitable remark.   Jesus, teach me to love my neighbor as myself.

Bible Verse:

(Our Advent calendar this year is going to be built around the verses from Romans 12:9-21)

Let love be genuine

Thoughts from Mass:

Will there be room for Jesus in my heart when St. Joseph comes knocking?

Do not become drowsy...from the anxieties of daily life

Be vigilant at all times

Pray you have the strength


A wonderful sacred music/Christmas concert put on my a group that friends of ours are involved in.  Beautiful voices singing beautiful music.  They even looked beautiful :)

A Beautiful Advent Song:

We saw Tajci in concert on Friday and she is wonderful.  This is a beautifully meditative song to begin Advent with!  

 God Bless!