Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Daybook - Day 5


Fix the best and warmest corner of your heart for the manger of Jesus.  You will do so by abstaining from what you like most in the line of food, comfort and amusement.  Mary, use these sacrifices to prepare my heart for Jesus in Holy Communion.

Okay, so I typed this up last because it was in another room and then I realized what the other part of this post was all about...good food today and fun times at the movies.  Oy vey!  I guess sacrifices on other days are in order!

Bible Verse:

Outdo one another in showing honor

Thoughts from Mass:

What is your spiritual house built on?  Is it Jesus Christ, the rock, or is it something feeble or worldly,  the sand?

Father said the fiscal cliff is looming close.  Why aren't people worried about the spiritual cliff they are about to fall off of?

Advent Activities:

Of course, as you all know, today is the feast of St. Nicholas.  Even the dolls got involved at our house.

It appears as if St. Nicholas is a Tolkien fan as he left us all tickets to see "The Hobbit" on the 15th! 

And there was much rejoicing :)

It is also Ms 14 yo's Baptismal feast day today so it is a double celebration for us.  We're having lasagna (made by Mr 12 yo!) and a wonderful lemon poppy seed bunt cake I found a recipe for.  Yum!

We also made a trip to the library today to renew our library cards and I happened upon a very pretty book called, "The Legend of St. Nicholas" by Demi.  It looks wonderful and I'm so pleased that I was led to it today.

God Bless!