Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Daybook - Day 9


Provide the manger of your heart with soft, warm blankets.  Avoid harsh and angry words, be kind and gentle to all.  Jesus, help me to be meek and humble like You.

Bible Verse:

Rejoice in your hope.

Thoughts from Mass:

First of all, some days I am just so thankful for noon Mass!  We just couldn't get it going this morning, which is what usually happens after a bunch of days of being gone.  To have a nice, slow morning and still have the option to make it to Mass is a blessing.  We don't go to this church too often because it is a bit farther than our other options, which is a shame because this priest is an excellent homilist!

Today Father drew the comparison between the first reading from Isaiah and the Gospel.  He pointed out that the prophesy from the Old Testament reading was not only fulfilled in the Gospel by Jesus, but was surpassed.  Not only did the lame man get up and glorify God, his sins were forgiven, which is the greatest gift that Jesus can give someone.  Jesus always goes above and beyond what was prophesied about Him.

Advent Activities:

Today was our quiet day.  Other than Mass this afternoon and Adoration this evening, we have been home.  These days, especially during Advent, are precious and give us the time we need to step away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world (notice I specified the "outside" world - in a house of nine, there is always hustle and bustle in our "inside" world :)

God Bless!