Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent Daybook - Day 6


Supply the manger of your heart with hay by overcoming all feelings of pride, anger or envy.  Jesus, teach me to know and correct my greatest sins.

To that end, our formation group is working on figuring out our own predominant fault.  This coming week's talk will be about how to get rid of it! Can't wait!!

Bible Verse:

Outdo one another in showing honor

Thoughts from Mass:

Faith is a gift from God.  Faith helps us to trust completely in Jesus.  Jesus is always there for us.  We need to trust in Him completely even if it doesn't seem like He answers our prayers.  

Boy is this something timely for me to meditate on!

Advent Activities:

Today we took a drive and went to do some Christmas shopping at a large shopping mall around where I grew up.  It was fun to go back and see how the old stomping ground has changed (read that as "become much more congested").  Not everyone loves to shop but we had a nice time and enjoyed the scenery and the company of each other for the day.  Our favorite stop:  The Lego Store, of course.

God Bless!

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  1. I continue to enjoy your blog. :-) Thanks!
    Darlene C.