Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes April 5 2013

--- 1 ---

I can't believe that our spring break is already over.  The week went by so fast that my head is still spinning.  I feel like all I did was "do the necessary" and never got to the "let's have some fun" stage. Of course, most of us have had this pesky head cold all week, so that took some of the spunk out of all of us.  Oh well, summer break is almost here :)
--- 2 ---

For whatever reason we seem to have had a lull in the hospitality department around here but we've broken through that in the past few weeks.  We had a lovely surprise visit from a friend from Minnesota and her new boyfriend, we hosted a birthday party as well as Easter dinner at our house, had our friends from St. Louis for the day and had our choir director over for dinner in exchange for some piano repairs.  This weekend boasts one more birthday party and a friend from Michigan and then I think we're done for about a month.  Entertaining leaves the extrovert in me feeling satisfied...exhausted but satisfied.  
--- 3 ---
Speaking of our friends from St. Louis, isn't this the cutest little face you've ever seen.  

I love when babies smile in their sleep.  He's also at the beginning of that cooing stage where they work so hard and get out the tiniest little coo.  LOVE that stage.
--- 4 ---

Some of the girls in our house have been praying this prayer to St. Cajetan, the patron saint of the unemployed and job-seekers.  Seems that people have amazing success through the intercession of St. Cajetan.  Here is the prayer they've been praying, and it seems to be working so far, at least for one of them.  The others are persevering (although, in reality, it's only been just short of a week that they've all been praying :)  Just wanted to pass this along in case others are in need of an intercessor in this area (in addition to St. Joseph, of course).
--- 5 ---

We had our monthly hour outside of Planned Parenthood this week and I have to say it was quite exciting to be greeted by this scene as we walked up:  A car was driving out of the parking lot with a young couple in it.  The woman had her window open and was pumping her fist and yelling excitedly, "I didn't do it, I didn't do it!" out the window.  Come to find out that just an hour earlier the lovely lady who organizes our day at PP had had a chance to sidewalk counsel this lady but then had to leave so she said she had been praying that the woman would change her mind.  Praise God she did!  What a blessing to witness that.
--- 6 ---
The girls have this write-on board in their room and a few weeks ago we found this on it:

It seems that Mr 7 yo was trying to convey to them that when they yell at him it makes him cry and he wants them to stop.  LOVE this beyond words.


--- 7 ---

I can't believe that Mr 7 yo is turning 8 this weekend.  My baby is growing up.  In fact, he's particularly excited for his birthday this year because he can legally get rid of his booster seat in the car; he reminds us of this every time we get in the car.  Just because I'm a fun mom, I told him on April Fool's day that I had read that Illinois had just extended the booster seat law till 10 years old.  There was silence for a long time.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore and relieved him of his heart ache! 

Don't forget this Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday!  Make sure you get your plenary indulgence :)  

God Bless!

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