Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Ways of the Lord are Awesome...

even when it involves a dead deer in your yard.

About a week ago we noticed a deer that had gotten hit by a car in our neighbor's ditch.  Nothing new...we had one in our ditch a few weeks before that, which provided a unique learning experience because when the deer got hit, somehow the innards landed apart from the body and were laying in our ditch under some water for quite some time.  I tried to get the kids to take them out and lay out the intestines to see how long they were but no one was game.  

Anyhow, I digress.  Last Saturday we noticed this in our backyard:

This is a quite a ways away from where we originally saw the dead deer, so we assumed that coyotes had dragged it up into our yard to have their feast.  They did a pretty good job of cleaning it up because this is what we found in the morning.  By then the turkey vultures had taken over and were doing the final cleaning.

By Monday the only thing left was this:

which my son promptly brought up to the house to study.

When you think about it, God is so awesome in the way He designed creation to deal with things that die.  This was a full sized deer, reduced down to nothing but the spinal column in a few short days.  Can you imagine the "litter" we would have if God had not created a system to deal with wild animals when they die?  It really is amazing, isn't it? 

I love the learning experiences that creation affords us.  I love children who are intrigued enough to learn from them.  I love a God who is so awesome as to create such a unique system.  Don't you?

God Bless!