Monday, April 1, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac

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Moments of Gratitude:

* Saying Alleluia again!!!  And oh how I love this time of year with the Regina Caeli.
* Participating in a beautiful Triduum and Easter
* Being present to see our friends' son baptized, confirmed and receive the Eucharist at their Byzantine parish on Holy Saturday.
* Not having school this week!!!!!!!!!!
* Family, plain and simple.  Yes it can be complicated sometimes, but we are incredibly blessed to have the families that we have.
* Sunshine for a few days now.
* Our pastor giving out a free copy of "The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic" to each family in our parish!  This is a great book and I hope a lot of people actually read it.

In the Kitchen:

Some wonderful leftovers from Easter...polish sausage, Easter bread, hard boiled eggs, potato salad, jello...yum!!!  In between all that we're still trying to eat relatively decent because we've all got only 2 more weeks of our 90 days of P90X!  

The Week Ahead:

More than I would like to have to do because it is our Spring break and we should be out enjoying life instead of the to-do list that is developing.  Oh well, that's life.  We do have our monthly hour of prayer at PP this week as well as a friend coming to stay at the end of the week.  Other than that, it is job hunting for some of the older girls :)


For good jobs for my children as well as for many other intentions.  We've been praying for a family stuck in Syria who now has a daughter with cancer.  Please join me in praying that they will be able to all leave the country, find safety and get treatment for their daughter.


The rest of our school year, what we spend our free time on and life in general...nothing too heavy!


I still have a few pages left to go in "The Four Signs..." book so I need to finish those.  Then, while cleaning at my parents, one of the girls found my copy of "When the Well Runs Dry" by Thomas Green.  I almost bought another copy but thankfully found this one first, so that will be up next.


Our friends' sweet baby!!!

God Bless!

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  1. Such beautiful Baptism photos! And the baby looked so calm... A blessed Easter to you and yours :-)