Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Days Like Today...

make me long for summer.  Our weather has gone from mid 50s and cloudy/rainy to 85 degrees today with ample sunshine and a nice breeze.  You can tell we've been cooped up too long without nice weather because we all were fighting over who would cut the grass first today.  We live on five acres and cut about three of it, so there is definitely enough to go around.

I admit, I LOVE cutting the grass.  Of course we have a riding lawnmower so that does make a huge difference.  I get my ipod out (which hasn't seen the light of day since last summer, sad to say), crank up the tunes, roll up my sleeves and put on my capris so as to get the best sun exposure possible, and let it rip.  Doesn't get much better than that.

The kids burst forth from the house in eager anticipation of summer, too.  Bathing suits on, garden hose in hand, they ran around squirting each other while enjoying the sun and warm weather.  

I know we'll settle down soon, especially since the rest of the week from Thursday on is supposed to be back in the low 60s and rainy, but it sure was nice to have this wonderful weather today.  

Tomorrow its down into the cold, dark basement to purge it of its wintery mess for our weekend event; just in case the weather doesn't cooperate and we need a place to stash people!  Tomorrow is also the drop-off day for my friend's semi-annual Free 4 All event.  I plan on sending a lot of those lonely toys that have been hiding out in the basement over there so they can find a new home where someone will love them. 

Besides, we have a new "toy" to play with - a pet turtle Mr 12 yo found yesterday.  Hey, did I mention that this Thursday's theme is going to be "play"?  While I'm disappointed it isn't "clean shoe closets", I think I'll be able to utilize this new turtle in a "play" picture somehow.  Thankfully, I always have a backup plan!

God Bless!