Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes August 23 2013

Another week gone by.  Hard to believe we are almost to the "unofficial" end of summer - that being Labor Day weekend.  I guess you could say that Monday morning at 8:00 is our first "unofficial" end of summer - that being the day that classes resume for everyone here.  Hard to believe, isn't it?

Really, where did summer go?  We did a lot of things, mind you, but most of them involved week long commitments.  That makes it hard to get much else done when you're involved in something for an entire week at a time.  It sure makes the time fly by fast, though.  I always tell myself that next summer will be different - slower - but it never quite works out that way.  I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine.

Speaking of schedules, I think I mentioned here that we are trying out Classically Catholic Memory - Gamma Year - this year.  I'd love to find out how others are doing this within their own home and maybe there are people out there who are wondering the same so I thought I'd post an outline of how we're doing each of the "weeks" throughout the year.  I'll post on the weekend before the "week" starts.  In reality, I'm doing one week over a two week school period, so these posts will only show up every other week.  I'll try to include some photos of things we've done, too.  We'll see how it goes, and how hard it is to keep up with.
I'm looking forward to Saturday when Mr 13 yo plays his first soccer game.  I can't tell you how exciting it will be to take photos of people moving OUTDOORS WHERE THERE IS ACTUALLY A LOT OF LIGHT.  Can you tell I'm excited?????

One of the hardest things about our upcoming schedule is figuring out the best time to go grocery shopping.  Between the time constraints, the distance constraints and the "when is the paycheck going into the bank" constraints, this is really proving to be a tough issue.  Every time slot has its drawbacks.  This week we're all going to go after morning Mass, which definitely has its drawbacks!  Hopefully the graces obtained from Mass will remain with us throughout the trip :)

We did get to spend some time at a local lake this past week.  It was glorious to finally sit and soak up the sun.  The temperature was great and though the water was a bit chilly, it was still a very relaxing time.  Even Ms 10 yo thought so!

Soccer practice, soccer game, birthday party, parish picnic.  Yep, a full weekend here at the ranch.  Hope you all have a peaceful and safe weekend!
God Bless!
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