Thursday, August 8, 2013

Theme Thursday - Statues

We have a lot of statues around our house but my favorite is probably the statue of Mary that we have outside.  It has weathered many a storm and has even fallen over, yet she still stands keeping an eye on our home.

I like this statue because I got it towards the beginning of my reversion back to the faith and the man who made it used blessed water and put a blessed Miraculous Medal inside of it.  

We got my mom one of these one year, but believe it or not someone stole it off her front porch one year right before Mother's Day - in the middle of the day no less.  There was a crew of guys working down the street and we figured maybe one of them knew their mother or wife would really like it.  I guess.

Anyhow, the Blessed Mother holds a special place in my heart and I love looking at her out my kitchen windows.

Go on over to Clan Donaldson to check out more statues.

God Bless!


  1. Beautiful Mary photo and a precious reminder of your reversion.

  2. Sorry about your mom's, yours is very sweet!

  3. Lovely statue with the pink flowers. So sorry about your Mom's statue, but hopefully where ever she ended up that she is watching over someone who needs her help.

  4. I love the beautiful flowers. Mine is just in a lilac bush.

  5. Gosh that stinks! How could you even look at a stolen Mother Mary? Anyway, love the picture, and the image of her watching over your home.

  6. Lovely! So happy I clicked over, laura!

    Have a great day!

  7. The vibrant splash of flowers makes for a striking picture. our outdoor Mary too has weathered many storms and didn't budge when a tornado took down the thirty foot tree beside it.

  8. So sad to hear about the theft... but hopefully she is leading the sinners back to her Son?

    I have never heard of making a statue with blessed water and a miraculous medal! That is really cool.