Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Schedule of My Life - The Upcoming Edition

We are about to enter a crazy time and I'm quite certain that I am not ready for it.  First, a few things about me. 

1.  I really don't like to drive. It isn't the actual driving I dislike, it is all that wasted time spent in the car.  I should be at home doing things, but instead I'm in the car, not doing things but driving...far.  Most of our outings consist of at least 30 minute drives.

2.  When I get overwhelmed with something, I tend to spaz.  I talk really fast.  I fret and worry.  It isn't pretty.  Last night my husband had to tell me to get a grip, and he was right.

Ms 17 yo was very helpful yesterday and made me this chart:

 It tells me where everyone needs to be and for how long each day of the school week.  Basically this will help me to determine a few things:

1.  Do we have any scheduling conflicts?
2.  How much time do I have at home for us to do school?
3.  Who can drive whom to which event so I can stay home?  (really, my ultimate goal :)

It appears that, by the grace of God, it is a doable schedule.  It seems as though I might only have to drive on Wed, Thurs and Friday; I think.  Things are always subject to change - at the last minute usually.

There is one key to this whole thing working and that is that we can obtain another car.  With two vehicles there are some major obstacles.  With three it is obtainable, with four (which is what we really need) it is even better.  We'll see what the good Lord has in store.

My focus at this point is not looking too far ahead.  I keep telling myself that I cannot stress about a day three weeks from now when everything could change by then.  I can plan for tomorrow, I can lay out a rough sketch for the next month, but when all is said and done, it is only TODAY that I can do something about. 

In the 6 months that we've been trying to juggle work and activity schedules, I must say that God has managed to work things out so that never was anyone stranded.  I consider that a small miracle.  I have faith He will continue to do the same.

God Bless!