Monday, August 12, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Moments of Gratitude:

* The beginnings of the grapes ripening (see that one dark one right in the middle of the picture??)

* Our first (and only this year) batch of potatoes.  They aren't big, but they look healthy and I can't wait to eat them this week with the meatloaf we're having one night!

* The peaches I managed to salvage of the leaning peach tree that my son clipped with the top of the lawn mower.  Pulled the whole thing down.  I'm just hoping now that these little babies will ripen and we'll at least get to try some.

* Said son who turned 13 this past weekend.  He really is a great kid and I'm enjoying watching him grow up.

The Week Ahead:

Well, our classes start this week for the Performing Arts Center (LFPAC) so that takes care of three days this week.  We're also trying to get out to see my great aunt before school starts.  Ms 21 yo comes home from her trip out east to see the boyfriend and then the usual work and planning and regular life stuff on top of that.  I'm glad we're not ready to start school yet, as I think one major thing this week is enough.

In the Kitchen:

With the beginning of college for two girls, work for two (hopefully three) of them, LFPAC for us, soccer and what not, dinners are going to become tricky.  What is easy for whoever is home to cook, but still healthy?  What can be eaten on the run by those that have to run out in the evening?  I'm looking for simple but good, portable but healthy and dinners that can still work with my budget!  Any suggestions?


* How I can put talks and our new CCM (see below) work on my ipod so we can listen to them in the car.  (I know, pretty deep stuff)
* How gracious our God is who continues to love us even when we fail to love Him as we should.
* What to cook (I know, I told you - there's a lot of depth to my thoughts right now :)


* In thanksgiving for Ms 19 yo finding what appears to be a good car that fit her budget (and her height as she's on the short side so she's limited to cars in which she can see out over the steering wheel!)
* For many special intentions - as always


I'm so excited that this arrived this weekend.  It is the Gamma year of Classically Catholic Memory.  We're doing it by ourselves to try it out but I can see how this would make for a great co-op experience. 

I'm hoping to use this to guide our learning by jumping off of the topics they are memorizing and making a bunch of unit studies to fit.  We'll see how that goes.  


This one isn't the clearest because I was taking it with just the flash for light, but I love the way the other boys are "helping" him blow out the candles.  At least they kept it to themselves!

God Bless!

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  1. Yes, I also love how the other boys looked like they were they didn't mind helping out with the candle :-)

    You have a lot in your hands! I wish I can offer some smart cooking advice, but if there is a queue for kitchen advice, I would be right there in front!

    So I offer my prayers for your family's intentions instead. Have a good week!

  2. I love your posts.
    Great pictures.
    As for what to cook. We have moved to a vague meal planner. Meatless Monday, Leftover Tuesdays, Italian (instead of lasagna or spaghetti, let's say). Soups & Salads. Grilled chicken over salads. Quick, easy, etc...

    Those potatoes & peaches look great. Grapes too.

  3. I love using the crock pot on super busy days. You could throw in some chicken with taco seasoning and make chicken burritos. Or a roast with some italian dressing and make some hoagies. You could also assemble some lunch meat sandwiches with cheese and whatever fixings you like, wrap them individually in foil and then put them in the crock pot all day.