Monday, August 26, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Moments of Gratitude:

* Getting some good sun time this weekend.
* Time to chat with girlfriends
* Good talks with the kids
* A successful birthday party for 12 teen and pre-teen boys - no one did any damage to themselves or anything else - although some of them actually tried throwing pears at the hornets nest to see if they could knock it down and then run like crazy - even though they were told not to!!!
* Thankful the boys had bad aim :)
* Time to work on my website!!

The Week Ahead:

Well school started today and in a somewhat limited format as we are not starting writing class and spelling until next week.  It didn't go too bad. This week the big girls start at the community college, too, so we'll be adjusting to all of the changes that that will bring - new chores for the younger ones, more driving coordinating, varying dinner times for everyone.  The only other exciting thing for the week will be our back to school trip to the chiropractor so everyone can get their attitude spinal adjustment!

In the Kitchen:

I think I'm going to drop this entry as I never am very excited about what is getting cooked.  Oh well, thankful we have food to feed everyone.  Though I must say that we just picked a gob full of red grapes and I will be figuring out how to fit in some jelly making time this week.  I guess that makes it worth keeping the entry for this week!


Nothing, my brain is too filled with making sure that everyone gets where they need to be this week.  


* For all of us that we can have the grace and fortitude to correct our flaws.
* For Ms 17 yo that she can get the on-campus job that she is interviewing for this week and that Ms 21 yo can find an on-campus job, too.
* For peace in our hearts, in our families and in our world.


Man my life is boring.  I'm still plugging away at St. Francis de Sales and it is wonderful but I have not have time to read anything else.  I might change this entry to "Driving" and then I can tell you all about the many trips I've taken in my car this week.   I can tell you about how we got in the car Saturday morning to leave for soccer practice and the battery that we thought was running out of juice actually ran out of juice.  Thank the Lord for my daughter's new car as it was the only other one left at home and without that we would have missed the first soccer game.  Really, I won't do that to you :)  I really need to read more.


Let's do another dance photo, shall we?  This time friends of ours who started a Mexican dancing troupe danced at our parish's picnic. This is a very physical activity and you could see the sweat on their brows by the 2nd dance.  They did a wonderful job!

God Bless!


  1. How can a life so busy and full be boring?
    Beautiful picture of the Mexican Dancers.
    Oh - and we clean and freeze grapes for snacks. Sometimes we vary the color. We love frozen grapes.
    jelly sounds great too.

  2. I don't think your life is boring. If your life is boring mine is...worse than boring! You're just in transition right now. It cracked me up to read you go to the chiropractor for attitude/spinal adjustments. I used to faithfully take our family to the chiro about every 6 weeks. But more kids, higher gas prices, bigger van, more schooling know. I went the last 2 weeks when I was pregnant with Leo. He could not help me and then I delivered an 11# wonder!

    1. I had one of those 11 pounders myself, I know what you mean!!! Our Chiropractor is wonderful and cuts us a great family deal and in turn we tell everyone about him and how great he is :) No really, we do like him a lot!

  3. Okay, so I retract the boring comment. Boring in the sense that I just go from place to place and don't have much time to create or read interesting things or cook great meals. Hope that makes sense.
    Thanks, ladies, for calling me out on that :)