Thursday, August 29, 2013

Theme Thursday - Shadows

It seems that whenever I struggle with a theme and/or don't have enough time to get it together for the morning (both things in this case), it works out in my favor.  It seems even the hostess is late today!  Thank you, Cari, for cooperating with my brain and my schedule.

Anyhow, we were at the school table doing school, of course, and I had been pondering all morning what to do with this theme when I saw that the sun had finally come out and was casting some nice shadows on our table.  "Ah hah," I said to myself, "there is a nice small crucifix on the table, I bet that would cast a nice shadow in this wonderful sunlight."  So I grabbed my camera and ended up with this:

Go on over to Clan Donaldson and check out other shadow photos.

God Bless! 


  1. Wow! Great perspective. The shadow reveals the entire figure: arms, legs, even the tilt of the head. Beautiful!

  2. Wow I really love this picture! Very meditative.

  3. I love this shot. It brings to mind what we would have seen at the foot of the cross.