Monday, August 19, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Moments of Gratitude:

* A surprise chance to sit and visit with some lovely ladies I haven't seen in awhile.
* Good friends and their willingness to help.
* A performance on Saturday by the dance troupe Ms 17 yo is in that surely must have been pleasing to God.
* A lovely plaque of St. Therese sent to me by Ms 21 yo's boyfriend's mother.  I can't wait to hang it in my room.
* The absolutely phenomenal weather we have been having lately.

The Week Ahead:

This is the last week before school starts for everyone.  Ms 14 yo is wanting to start her school work this week, but everyone else, young and old, will be starting next week.  How to make the most of this last week?  Hmmm, the weather is supposed to be hot so hopefully we can fit in some water time somehow.  Otherwise it is another week of theater and dance classes as well as the beginning of choir practice for three of the kids and Mr 13 yo's first soccer game.

In the Kitchen:

I still have to figure out what to make for our Friday dinner as it will be meatless, has to be made before noon and will have to travel well since we won't be eating it till about 5:30 as we await soccer practice.  That one is still stumping me.  Otherwise I believe we have some beer braised beef, scalloped ham and potatoes, turkey tetrazzini and American spaghetti (a great-grandma recipe :) on the menu.  


This blog post by Birgit.  She is spot on about this topic that so many people deal with.  Also pondering a talk on prayer that I listened to as well as how to carry my crosses better. 


* For our new school year, that we can learn and have it be interesting and that we can do it with a minimal amount of fighting :).
* For all those starting college - that they will stay safe, learn a lot from good teachers, and will preserve their faith.
* That the man behind us would stop burning his toxic garbage every Sunday night.  


It was a lazy Sunday, and a beautiful one at that.  I took my copy of "Rapunzel Let Down" out to the hammock and started re-reading it again.  The perfect type of story to pass a Sunday afternoon.  Other than that, I've been reading "Introduction to the Devout Life" one chapter each night and really trying to meditate on his wonderful words.


As I mentioned above, Ms 17 yo participated in a performance of "The Prodigal Son" at our parish this weekend and here are a two of the many photos I took:

God Bless!


  1. I tracked back to your link to my blog above - so glad I did. Your musings and sharing warmed my heart on this lackluster Monday. What wonderful photos of your daughters' performance!

    Might I suggest a meatless one dish dinner that would travel well from my blog?

    1. Thanks Birgit for the recipe. It looks like it might work!

  2. Beautiful photos! I have a dear friend who is a dancer and I am always amazed at how dancers capture music in flight when photographed.

    I need a turkey tetrazzini recipe! I've only had it once when I was recovering from surgery a mom in a mother's group I was in made it for me and my family. I don't remember much after surgery because I was pretty out of it, but I remember that dish!

    (For some reason, Blogger does not accept my WordPress login - on all Blogger blogs, not just yours) I can be found here:

    1. Thanks. It is very difficult to get a good dancing picture. Between the movement and the lack of good lighting I take a million photos just to keep a few good one!

      I'll have to get out that turkey recipe. It is very easy and I thought I would remember it all but I don't. I'll try to get that together with some other recipe I said I'd post, I just have to remember what that one was :)

  3. Gorgeous Pics.
    Thanks for the link to Birgit. She's a great blogger and I need to add her to my roll. She really supported our Texas Fight for life.
    My idea for Friday and transportable... hummus, cheese, veggies, ranch dip, crackers, grapes/fruit. Something along those lines. You could put that in a small cooler or thermal bag. You'll be set.

    I have the same problem as C does. My blog is