Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Busy Hornets

A couple of weeks ago we did a major tree trimming to all the trees on the property, which was quite an undertaking!  In that short amount of time, we discovered that we have had some very busy hornets hanging around admiring our work; so much so that they decided to move in.

My boys found this the other day when they went over to the open part of the yard to play soccer.  Thankfully they saw it before a ball accidentally introduced itself!

I have to admit that this is truly a fascinating piece of nature!  Although at first I thought it was a hive for honey bees and I was so excited that honey bees were populating our area that I wrote a post about it.  Then my dad stopped by and we showed it to him and he said, "That's not a bee hive.  That looks like a hornets' nest."  You see, I never stopped to do my internet research.  We went back in the house and blew up this picture, then compared it to pictures on the internet and, sure enough, we have a wonderful hornets' nest on our property.

So now instead of being happy about this, I'm thinking we need to do something about it because we host an annual Blue Knights boys' campout on our property in about a month - right where that mean, ole nasty hornets' nest is.  I'd like to think everyone would just leave it alone, but then I remember we're talking about a group of boys ages 8 - 15 and I'm just not so sure anymore.

For now we'll let them be and think more about what we want to do.  Irregardless of the potential threat, it really is fascinating to watch this take shape.

God Bless!

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  1. Nature is an enigma, both awesome and scary. Prayers for your decision...